Thursday, June 15, 2017

River Cruises - You Need To Go!

River cruises have become extremely popular over the last couple of years.  Having sailed on a river cruise, I can certainly understand why!  To this day, my voyage on Uniworld’s River Beatrice is my favorite trip I have ever been on.  We sailed the Holiday Markets on the Danube.

River cruise ships are smaller than ocean-going cruise ships, typically holding 90-240 passengers. Due to their smaller size and low draft, river cruise ships can go where ocean cruise ships cannot, and sometimes to where no other transport is practical.  Rivers are an excellent way to reach some attractions, for example in Russia, China, Egypt and Europe.  You get the ability to be immersed in the destination, docking right in the middle of town.

While sailing on a river cruise the countryside is usually in view, which makes the sailing part very interesting and relaxing. River cruises typically last from 7 to 15 days.  Most river ships are equivalent to 5-star hotels, with sun decks, dining rooms, lounges, fitness facilities, some with swimming pools, and other entertainment. Accommodation, meals on board, entertainment and special events (holidays, festivals, contests, concerts, etc.) are usually included in the cruise price, as well as many guided shore excursions headed by a host that is very familiar with the area. Usually bar expenses, spa, laundry and cleaning, and phone calls are not included.  Different river cruise companies offer some slightly different amenities.  But whether you choose Viking River Cruises, Uniworld, Tauck, Crystal, AMA Waterways or Avalon, you are sure to have the journey of a lifetime!

A river cruise provides travelers a unique way to travel. There are many opportunities to explore river side towns and the towns close by. The pace is very calm, which is very refreshing in today’s world. You can see multiple destinations, great views, and only have to unpack once!

So, if you are thinking of traveling to Europe or the surrounding areas, perhaps you should consider a river cruise. There are many fantastic itineraries, ranging from Tulip Time, Danube, Treasures of the Rhine, Paris, and Vineyards to name a few. Perhaps Asia is a place on your bucket list? A river cruise is perfect! Sail the Yangtze or the Mekong and be amazed. There are also amazing itineraries through Egypt as well.  How about an African Safari?  Yes, you can do that coupled with a river cruise as well!

If taking a land tour, checking in and out of different hotels and waking up at the crack of dawn is not quite what you call a vacation, consider that river cruise. You will find luxury, convenience and great guides with knowledge to enhance your journey.

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